Aggressive Defense For Your Criminal Case

The lawyers at Bull & Reinhardt, PLLC, defend individuals charged with all types of criminal offenses — from misdemeanors to serious felonies — in both state and federal courts across all of western North Carolina. We are admitted to practice in all courts in western North Carolina, and we are familiar with the procedures and court rules that govern cases in all these jurisdictions.

Our comprehensive understanding of criminal law allows us to aggressively defend the rights of those charged with crimes such as:

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our approach to these and all other criminal allegations is to minimize the consequences and overall impact that these charges have on your life. We make every effort to have charges dismissed or reduced without a lengthy trial and use our proven negotiation and trial strategies to minimize the penalties you face. In cases where the prosecution has failed to satisfactorily negotiate, we don't hesitate to engage in litigation to defend you and your rights. Above all, it is our goal to protect your rights and to keep you free.

It is imperative if you are under investigation or think you may be charged with an offense of any nature to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure that your rights are protected. The jails and prisons are full of people who may not be there if they had the services and advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney before speaking with the police.

Our services are not limited to negotiation and courtroom representation; as a part of our commitment to meeting all the needs of our criminal defense clients, we help clients obtain bonds, deal with bench warrants and resolve licensure issues. We also represent clients in Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearings and defend their interests at parole and probation violation hearings.

Clearing a criminal record: Having a criminal record can have a significant impact on the rest of your life, including employment and educational opportunities. While we work to prevent a conviction from getting on your record, we can also assist with erasing a previous arrest or conviction through the expunction process.

We Support Area Students

It is especially important to obtain criminal defense representation if you are a student — or the parent of a student — who has been charged with a crime or faces school disciplinary action. Conviction for any type of crime, including drug crimes, fighting, shoplifting, sexual assault and other charges that are commonly targeted against college students, can cause irreparable damage to your education, reputation and future. You face not only jail time and a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life but also disciplinary action or expulsion from your school. Most institutions have provisions dealing with legal representation at disciplinary actions, and, unfortunately, many prohibit an attorney being present at the disciplinary hearing.

However, it is important to consult with legal counsel prior to a disciplinary hearing as statements made at the hearing could be used against the student and lead to subsequent criminal charges. Disciplinary actions also become part of the student's permanent transcripts and will be provided to other educational institutions.

If you are the parent of a student who has been charged with a crime or faces a school disciplinary action, it is important to contact us before your son or daughter speaks with law enforcement, campus security or school officials. Whether your child was recently arrested on suspicion of a drug offense or accused of assault, we will work to avoid a damaging conviction that could affect his or her future. We can ensure that your child is treated fairly and that his or her educational, legal and constitutional rights are upheld.

We represent students at all area grade schools and these collegiate schools and other local schools:

  • University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • Brevard College
  • Mars Hill College
  • Shaw University CAPE
  • Western Carolina University
  • Montreat College
  • Warren Wilson College
  • Blue Ridge Community College
  • Asheville-Buncombe TCC
  • South College-Asheville

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