Fight Drug Distribution And Trafficking Charges

Drug distribution or trafficking charges require an attorney experienced in undertaking serious drug cases in North Carolina courts or at the federal level. At Bull & Reinhardt, PLLC, our attorneys can provide aggressive representation when you face drug charges that can have a significant impact on your life.

Navigating The Complexities Of Serious Drug Charges

Possession with intent to distribute may be charged as a felony. This charge applies to possession of controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin, as well as prescription drugs, such as opioid-based pain relievers. Depending on the quantity of drugs in your possession, you could face drug distribution or trafficking charges. If a person dies of a drug overdose, the individual who supplied the drug can face murder charges.

You may also face potential loss of your money and property from a civil asset forfeiture proceeding before you are convicted of anything.

Protecting Your Rights

Just because police accused you of possessing drugs for distribution or trafficking does not mean they can prove the charges. There is always something an experienced defense attorney can do to minimize the consequences. We will work to protect your rights by:

  • Examining whether police had a lawful reason for stopping you. If the stop was illegal, all evidence gathered after the stop can be suppressed.
  • Examining whether the search and seizure tactics were legal.
  • Discovering weaknesses or flaws in the case against you.
  • Challenging civil asset forfeiture proceedings.
  • Considering whether diversionary programs are a viable alternative to harsh consequences.

Our attorneys will make every effort to minimize the consequences of a drug arrest and protect your freedom, your property and your future.

Discuss Your Case With Us

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