We Provide The Legal Foundation You Need To Move Forward In Financial Comfort

After a divorce or separation, it can be difficult to take the next step. It's especially hard to regain your footing if you haven't laid the proper groundwork with a sound asset division plan or divorce agreement that covers your bases. Taking the time to structure your split now could save you lots of trouble to come. If not addressed properly, concerns over financial security can linger indefinitely.

At Bull & Reinhardt PLLC, we believe that your family deserves to move forward without looking back in regret. Although separation is anything but simple, we're not afraid to take on complex cases to help residents of Asheville and WNC put North Carolina law to good use. Building a future for your family is your job, but providing you with the legal foundation you need to get started is ours.

How Could Hiring A Lawyer Change Your Life?

Asset division isn't always as simple as drafting a separation agreement or agreeing to terms. In some cases, extra steps need to be taken to ensure that everyone involved walks away with what they deserve — taking into account assets that may not be presently known or easily identifiable. For example, your case may involve:

  • Discovery of hidden assets
  • Valuation of properties and debts
  • In-depth analyses of how property values might change
  • Contested high net worth property divisions

Our legal team will work to keep you informed about the realities of negotiating an asset division as well as guide you through this complex legal matter. Our comprehension of family law and our compassionate yet firm attitude make us particularly well-equipped to fight on your behalf and ensure that your loved ones ultimately benefit. Whether you're concerned about providing for your children or just want to maintain the standard of living that you're accustomed to, we're proud to assist.

Family Law Attorneys You Can Entrust With Your Future

Why is it so important to retain well-prepared legal counsel? To properly analyze and conduct a valuation of your assets, to insure all of the marital property is being divided, and to argue the appropriate distributional factors. Without this, you run the risk of not avoiding the pitfalls present in many of these cases. Talking to an attorney as early as possible allows us to formulate a comprehensive plan to secure your rights and interest and to provide for your economic security.

Your relationship with your spouse may be coming to a close, but property division shouldn't spell the end of your good fortune in life. Talk to an Asheville family law practitioner at Bull & Reinhardt PLLC about your legal options. Call 828-348-8053 or contact us online to learn how to make your divorce as painless as possible.