What is the proposed Hands-Free N.C. bill?

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Most people know that distracted driving is a major issue that affects everyone’s safety — and there’s no one way to stop it.

North Carolina legislators are proposing a new bill to deal with the problem of distracted driving. Yet, that alone may not be enough to keep people safe on the state’s roads.

How big a problem is distracted driving in North Carolina

According to North Carolina’s Department of Transportation, one-fifth of the state’s traffic accidents involve a distracted driver. In 2019 that meant distraction resulted in 54,000 accidents, 23,000 people injured, and 154 killed.

What does the Hands-Free N.C. bill propose?

The bill proposes making holding your cell phone while driving or resting it on your body illegal. You would still be able to talk while at the wheel, as long as the phone is not on your person. So placing your phone in a holder or elsewhere and speaking via Bluetooth headset or in-car system is fine.

You would no longer be able to do things such as check messages or the internet. Yet, you could still put your phone in a holder to use it to find your way or play music.

How would the bill benefit people?

Preventing people from using their phones while driving would reduce distractions. It would make the roads safer for all. If there were fewer accidents, insurance premiums across the state should also drop.

If the act passes it will not eliminate all distracted driving crashes, but it is a positive step. Phones are one of the most significant distractions to drivers. Yet, they are not the only distractions that lead to accidents. Even if no one used their phone while driving, a distracted driver could still injure you. If that happens, find out more about how to best protect your interests and obtain fair compensation for your losses. 

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