What dangers do swimming pools pose?

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It’s that time of year again here in Asheville when many individuals will head into someone’s backyard or the local community swimming pool to cool off during what’s sure to be record high temperatures this summer. 

Swimming pools are inherently dangerous, no matter whether they’re indoors or outdoors. There are measures that pool owners can take to enhance their safety, but there are still many dangers that they pose that you’ll want to learn more about to minimize your chance of injury or death. 

Some common ways individuals get hurt when visiting swimming pools

You’ve likely heard the saying, “knowledge is power.” Some of the more common ways people get hurt at pools are:

  • Electrical shock: A swimming pool’s user may suffer an electrical shock if its owner doesn’t properly bond its electrical system with the heavy ground wires.
  • Slipping and falling: Swimming pool decks can become very slippery if they’re improperly maintained. Owners who pressure wash them at least once a year can significantly reduce the chances of a slip and fall.
  • Pump line dangers: Countless children end up getting a body part sucked up by the pool’s suction lines every year, resulting in their deaths. It’s now illegal for pools to just have one main drain. They must instead have two. Some pools might not have been brought up to code yet, though.   
  • Issues with ladders and stairs: Problems with ladders coming loose while a user is on it or instances in which individuals have unintentionally fallen into pools at night due to inadequate lighting abound.
  • Toxicity and infection risks: A person can become seriously ill from poorly maintained pool water. Pool goers may develop staph infections or chemical inhalation injuries depending on whether an owner used too many or too few chemicals to treat the water.
  • Issues with diving boards and slides: The height of each of these makes them particularly dangerous. Diving boards are responsible for an estimated 50% of pool-related injuries.

Injured swimming pool users have rights

There are many different dangers associated with swimming pools. While some might leave someone with minor others, others can prove to be deadly. A premises liability attorney will want to discuss your incident with you before providing you with any guidance on the best course of action you can take in your case.

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