Do these hacks really make texting while driving safer?

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People love trying to find workarounds so that they can do things differently, better or more efficiently than other people. So-called life hacks can save you time or money, but not all of them work as well as people think. 

Most people will agree that texting while driving is a dangerous habit, but some think they have found a way to beat the system. There are two habits commonly employed by people who want to text while driving without causing a crash. Unfortunately, neither of these safety hacks works as well as people assume they do. 

1. Texting when you stop at a red light

Trying to look at a phone while driving a car will affect how good of a job you do. If you wait until you stop your vehicle, you might think it is safe to text. 

However, neuroscientists have found that the distraction you experience from texting while driving will persist for about 27 seconds after you put your phone down. In other words, you will still be under the influence of distraction when you pull off and head through the intersection. 

2. Using talk-to-text software

Many people think that they can comply with the law by using talk-to-text software. They believe they can safely send a message this way, but they will subconsciously feel compelled to look down at their device to check for typos. Talk-to-text software might keep your hands on the wheel, but it won’t eliminate visual or cognitive distractions. 

Avoiding distracted driving can help you stay safer and reduce your likelihood of causing a crash while out on the road. Sadly, other drivers may not be so wise. If a distracted driver hits you, it is essential to find out more about your options for compensation.

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