Can social media impact your child custody case?

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Social media is a snapshot of our lives. We use it to share news, pictures and updates with friends and family.

But it’s important to remember that once something is posted online, it’s out there forever and could negatively affect your child custody case.

Your digital footprint

Social media content is increasingly used in courtrooms, often as evidence in various legal proceedings, including child custody cases. Posts, comments and photos can be used to assess a parent’s overall fitness as a guardian. Some areas that are scrutinized include:

  • Frequent posts about partying, alcohol consumption or drug use can be used to raise concerns about your ability to provide a stable environment for your child.
  • Pictures of new purchases, vacations and expensive outings can contradict claims of financial hardship.
  • Posts that display aggressive behavior or disparaging remarks about the other parent can negatively affect how the court views your suitability as a guardian and your ability to maintain a respectful and cooperative co-parenting relationship.

Your social media can also reflect how you spend time with your child. Positive posts about activities, school events or simply quality time spent together can support your case by showing your active involvement in your child’s life.

It’s important to practice mindfulness in your digital interactions. You should assume that a judge could see anything you share. Don’t accept friend requests during this time and avoid publicly discussing your custody dispute.

You may also want to adjust your privacy settings. However, while this can offer some level of protection, remember that other people can take screenshots of what you post. There is no true privacy when it comes to online activities.

If you are in doubt about posting something, then you probably shouldn’t. For more guidance regarding social media and child custody, you will want to discuss your case with someone who can assist you with your situation.

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