Riding bikes safely at night: 4 tips

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Do you enjoy riding your bike at night? There may be less traffic at night and you may find the cool air and silence more enjoyable than during the day. However, while there may be less traffic, you should still be concerned for your safety.

Riding your bike at night can still be dangerous. Vehicles may have a harder time seeing you. If you suffered an accident, it may also be harder for paramedics to find you. With that, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Use reflective lights and vests

To help drivers see you on the road, it may help to place reflector lights on your vehicle. Reflector lights are often very cheap and easy to attach to bikes. You could also wear a reflective vest. A vest would give you a wider range of materials that reflect light back at vehicles. It could also help illuminate you if you need to walk alongside your bike at some point.

2. Avoid dark streets

If possible, you should find streets that are well-lit at night. The more light a street provides, the easier it will be for drivers to see you on your bike. Street lights can also help you avoid other dangers, such as potholes and construction. 

3. Know your route

It may help you to know exactly where you are going to ride your bike. If you are aware of the route you are going to take and have taken it several times before, you may be better equipped to deal with dangers, such as blind spots on the road.

4. Let someone know your location

If you are in an accident while riding your bike at night, it may help you to let someone know your location or bike route. If you were supposed to be home at a specific time and that time has passed by, then someone could call for help and report that you were in a possible accident.

Biking accidents can lead to severe injuries and long-term disabilities. It could benefit you to reach out for legal help to learn more about your compensation options.

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