Clashes about money can end marriages

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One subject nearly always lands on married couples’ lists of toxic topics that spark the worst fights – money. It brings many spouses to divorce. The wrangling about finances that married folks often do can get heated, relentless and in some cases, unresolvable.

What is it about money matters that breeds such fierce fighting between spouses? Maybe it has something to do with pressure, tension and anxiety. Lack of money usually leads to all three. So does owing a ton of it, or having one partner recklessly spend household funds unbeknownst to the other person.

Why spouses are at each other’s throats about money

These money-fueled scenarios typically lead to painful marital skirmishes:

  • You both wanted a lavish wedding even though you could not afford it. Now you’re regretting the hefty bills for your designer gown, chic venue and gourmet feast that still hang uncomfortably over both your heads.
  • Financial infidelity” happens when one partner covertly spends money on things for their own gratification, like luxury items or gambling.
  • Each of you has different objectives related to money. You want to save for your kids’ college education, while your partner wants to put all the extra bucks toward purchasing a more spacious residence. You are clearly not working together as a team.
  • The two of you have dramatically different approaches to managing money. One is hopelessly extravagant, the other is extremely frugal.
  • One of both of you has amassed a significant amount of debt by overusing credit cards, thus threatening your financial future.

If you’re not able to reach compromises that you can both live with, divorce may be inevitable. Make sure that you have sound legal guidance to help protect your rights and your financial future.

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