Divorce may be predicted by these signs

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Divorce is one of the most stressful, anxiety-producing situations a person can go through in North Carolina, and most couples seek to avoid it for as long as they can. It can be difficult to know if divorce is the right decision, especially given the weight of the emotions involved. For people who are considering divorce but are not sure about it, there are some telltale signs that divorce is on the way. Among them are not eating meals together, living separate lives, experiencing addiction and not having sex regularly.

It may seem like a small thing, but couples who do not eat dinner together may have major problems. Whatever the surface-level reasons, such as if one partner works late and the other doesn’t want to wait to eat, it’s a sign that the spouses are disjointed. Meal time is connection time. Living separate lives means that the spouses are making big decisions independently, and they don’t care about their partner’s opinions. Happy couples have a feeling of connectedness even when they’re apart.

If one of the spouses has an addiction that they are unwilling to address, that is a bad sign for the marriage. Regardless of whether the addiction is to gambling, alcohol or drugs, the addicted spouse should recognize the ways his or her behavior impacts others. Sex is an indication of connectedness in most, but not all, marriages. If a couple is not having sex, it may indicate a lack of intimacy overall.

Individuals in North Carolina who are considering divorce might want to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer who practices family law may be able to help by identifying and categorizing the parties’ assets or by negotiating the terms of property division with the other side. A lawyer might draft and file the petition for divorce to begin proceedings or argue on the client’s behalf during child custody or child support hearings.

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