Facial injuries from car accidents: No simple matter

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All car accident injuries can be traumatic – but some leave victims with long-term injuries that are nothing short of catastrophic, including facial injuries.

Facial injuries can include everything from a broken jaw and broken teeth, to fractures in the facial bones themselves that affect the structure of the jaw, the eye orbits and more. There are also facial injuries that primarily affect the soft tissues, like the tongue, nose and scalp. 

Why are facial injuries so damaging?

Essentially, it comes down to the fact that many cannot be undone, despite the advancements in plastic surgery. A serious facial injury can affect your ability to taste, smell, see, chew, eat and talk. Facial injuries may also lead to permanent changes in your appearance that can damage your self-esteem and lead to social and professional issues.

What causes facial injuries in a wreck? Some of the most common sources of harm include:

  • Airbag deployment: One common cause of facial injuries in car accidents is the rapid deployment of airbags. While airbags are designed to save lives by preventing occupants from colliding with the interior of the vehicle, the force at which they deploy can lead to abrasions, lacerations and fractures.
  • Impact with the steering wheel: In a collision, the sudden deceleration of a vehicle can propel occupants forward, leading to their faces making contact with the steering wheel or dashboard. This can cause facial fractures, soft tissue injuries and even damage to the eyes and teeth.
  • Shattered glass: Car accidents often result in shattered glass, especially in high-impact collisions. Flying glass fragments can cause severe facial lacerations and may even result in permanent scars and disfigurement.
  • Objects flying inside the vehicle: Unsecured objects within the vehicle become potential projectiles during a crash. Items like cell phones, purses or even loose change can cause significant harm during a collision.

If you’ve suffered serious facial injuries in a wreck, you may be due far more compensation than you realize. Experienced legal assistance can help you learn more.


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