Avoiding common car accident causes

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If you want to avoid getting into a car accident, the first step is to understand why these accidents happen. You can then avoid behaviors proven to lead to them. Often, you can identify risky behavior long before it actually causes a crash.

For instance, one of the biggest reasons for modern car accidents is distracted driving. You can get distracted by the GPS, a text message, your passengers or the radio — just to name a few examples. If you understand this and keep your focus on the road, you’re far safer.

Car accidents also happen because of night driving. It’s harder because you cannot see nearly as well, meaning you may overlook hazards or have shorter reaction times. You also may have to share the road with more drunk drivers. If you can, avoid driving at night. If you have no choice, be extra dedicated to safe practices while on the road.

A third example is drunk driving. Even someone who is just buzzed may have worse reaction times and make mistakes they wouldn’t make while sober. Thankfully, these are the easiest accidents to avoid. Commit to staying sober behind the wheel and never driving if you have been drinking — even if you think you’re sober enough to do it safely.

The problem, of course, is that just avoiding the dangers may not be enough. You could still get hit by another driver who is drunk, distracted or otherwise not as safe as you are. If this happens, you may have a right to compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

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