Accounting professionals are at risk of wire fraud charges

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Many people think of accountancy as a boring profession. They think back to high school math class and shudder. However, accounting professionals perform a broad range of services for companies that can make every day exciting and interesting.

One day, you may need to cut payroll checks. The next day, you may wire payments to suppliers. Your job requires careful attention to detail and a strong sense of personal ethics. There are those who cannot resist the temptation of having control over or access to financial resources.

Unfortunately, while you may resist that temptation, you might get implicated in someone else’s misconduct because of your job. You could face wire fraud allegations despite never taking anything from your employer.

If you send the wire, you may look suspicious to investigators

Allegations of wire fraud levied against accounting professionals often start with what seems like a basic request from a boss. An executive or a member of the management team pops over to your cubicle to ask you to wire a missed payment as soon as possible or drops off a wire instruction sheet at your desk. You follow the instructions provided and send the wire, likely forgetting about it afterward as you go about your day.

Not long after, someone from Human Resources reaches out to inquire about that wire. In extreme cases, you could face an interview with federal investigators. Once the company or regulatory agencies discover an inappropriate wire transfer, they will likely start to look into the situation.

As the person who issued the wire or filled out the paperwork for it, you will be the first stop in that investigatory process. While you may not have realized what was about to happen, the whole situation may have been the design of the person who gave you the instructions.

You will need help to counter wire fraud or similar charges

When your employer or a federal agency accuses you of wire fraud, you might worry about your freedom and your career. Will you go to jail? Will you lose your license?

You can likely defend yourself against these charges in court, but building a defense will require a lot of effort. Those accused of white-collar offenses typically need professional help to review the evidence the state has and develop a viable defense strategy. Understanding why you face accusations of wire fraud can help you prepare to defend yourself in court.

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