How can negligent security contribute to injuries?

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One way that people sometimes become injured on a property that they do not own is when there is negligent or inadequate security. This does not mean that the security officers injured them or that the system in place is what caused their injury. Instead, it means that security should have helped to prevent their injury, but was negligent and did not do so.

In many situations, this happens during the commission of a crime. The security system that was in place was supposed to prevent that crime and failed to do so. As a result, an innocent third party was injured during the event, and they blame both the person who injured them and the security at the property.

Staying in a hotel

This can feel a bit complicated, so let’s look at the example of staying in a hotel. There are many security systems that you anticipate when you check into your room. One is simply the keycard system that opens the door. Another is the manual lock inside the door, along with the manual locks on the windows. Additionally, some hotels will have security guards or officers in the lobby who are supposed to screen who can enter the building.

Any one of these systems could break down and allow a crime to take place. Maybe an officer didn’t stop someone from entering the hotel. Maybe someone tried to enter your hotel room because the lock on the window was broken. Maybe your keycard reader simply didn’t work correctly and anyone with a card was allowed into your room.

There are many ways in which this technology can fail, and you need to know what legal options you have if you suffer injuries as a result.


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