3 ways money could contribute to a divorce

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Money will clearly be an issue in your divorce. With the cost of living rising much faster than wages, ensuring you have enough for the future will be crucial.

Yet money is often what gets people to the point of divorce in the first place. Here is why:

#1. You may have very different attitudes about spending and saving

Even if you have plenty of wealth between you, seeing the other person waste money or be overly tight with it can grate. They may feel fully justified in their spending or saving, and it is not so much which of you is right, but the fact that you hold different beliefs about money. These can strain your relationship after a while.

#2. A lack of money can take the fun out of a marriage

Yes, you married for love, but you still need money to live. If you both spend all hours of the day working just to make ends meet, it can leave little time for fun. You may both arrive home exhausted and snap at each other more easily than if you had more time to rest.

While there are plenty of incredibly poor couples that maintain a great relationship, for some, the financial strain can be too much.

#3. Benevolence to others becomes an issue

Some people feel a duty to care for other family members, especially in certain cultures. If your spouse is the oldest in the family, they may insist on sending money to help their younger siblings through school or to pay for their aunt’s medical treatment. You might feel that it is your money as much as your spouse’s, and you would rather keep it for yourselves and your kids.

If money has brought your marriage to an end, seek legal help to understand how divorce can help you regain financial independence.

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