Can you pay child support in cash in North Carolina?

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Every parent has a duty to provide for their child until they can legally fend for themselves. In the event of a divorce or a non-marital split of a child’s parents, the family courts may step in to determine how a child will be provided for. This is where child support comes in.

In North Carolina, there are various methods of paying child support. If you are obligated to pay child support, you might be curious to know if you can do this in cash, especially if you see your co-parent on a regular basis.

What you need to know about child support payments

It’s important that you review the court order that established or modified your child support obligations before making payments in new ways. Most often, this order states how you are required to pay your child support obligations. In the absence of specific terms within a court order, the parties may agree on how the payments will be made. This can be cash, money order, check or direct deposit.

Paying child support in cash has the advantage of being faster. By bypassing middlemen or third parties, the supported parent is able to receive the payment right away. But a lack of third-party oversight could also mean that the supported parent will contend with things like late payments. It also means that they might dispute the receipt of payment. Of course, these situations can be stressful. They can also strain a co-parenting relationship.

Keeping a record of payments can make a difference

If you agree to pay child support in cash, it is extremely important that you keep a clear record of every payment. Be sure to indicate the date of the payment and amount as well as the purpose of payment. And if the supported parent acknowledges payment, be sure to record this. Basically, a detailed and organized record can help clear things should a dispute arise down the road.

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