4 common financial disputes in marriage

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Many couples have frequent conversations about how finances are used. These conversations can become arguments if both spouses in a marriage do not agree on a matter.

If a financial issue is not resolved or gets out of hand, then it can spell disaster for a marriage. Here’s what you should know:


Many people face unemployment. It’s not unheard of for people to find employment soon after being let go, but they often don’t find jobs immediately. Unemployment can deplete savings and cause a household to struggle. 

A spouse who has been fired and isn’t actively searching for a job can put a lot of strain on a marriage. The other spouse may resent the fact their spouse isn’t working. And, the other spouse may struggle to support two people under one income. 

Using wealth to control a spouse

Many marriage dynamics work where one spouse is the breadwinner and the other stays at home. However, the spouse who makes a living for the household may use their income to control what the other spouse can and can’t do. This unbalanced dynamic can cause a spouse to feel like they have no control over their life.

Secretly building debt

Addiction comes in many forms. People can become addicted to buying things they may or may not need or gambling. This can quickly deplete the funds in a joint bank account. Furthermore, overspending may cause large amounts of debt that affect both people in a marriage. This often creates issues when a spouse hides their spending habits.

Poor budgeting skills 

Married couples often have to make a lot of budgeting decisions. If these funds are not used properly it can put pressure on a marriage. Couples could struggle to afford basic necessities by the end of the month if a spouse bought too much early on.

An irresponsible financial decision can affect people for a lifetime. People who are seeking divorce because of financial issues may need to learn about their legal options. 

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