Uncovering 2 hard-to-prove accident causes

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When you get hurt due to someone’s negligence, you may feel you need to know why it happened. What could have caused another person to be so careless?

In car accidents, determining fault is about more than understanding – it is critical to obtain appropriate compensation for your crash injuries. Sometimes, it is clear what happened, as in drunk driving or speeding accidents. Other times, the cause of a crash can be hard to identify.

Drowsy driving is an elusive culprit

Driving while sleepy or exhausted is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Motorists can easily drift off without even noticing. Drowsy driving leads to many accident injuries, but proving it is no easy feat.

The key may lie in gathering a mosaic of evidence: witness testimonies about the motorist’s pre-accident behavior (yawning, drifting), crash scene evidence (no skid marks) and maybe even medical opinions about sleepy driving may strengthen your claim.

Distracted driving can also be veiled

Many things can be distracting while driving. A phone call or text message, a nearby traffic stop or fiddling with the radio can all steal a driver’s attention, resulting in a sudden car crash.

Evidence proving distracted driving can be scarce. Cell phone records may prove your claims if the distraction involved a digital device. For other distractions, witness statements could add weight to your case.

Why is fault so important?

North Carolina car accident compensation laws are much more complex than the average person believes. Many people think you need only tell the insurance company what happened, and it will immediately send out a check.

It does not work that way, and frankly, it may be unwise to assume the involved insurers will treat you fairly. A better approach is obtaining legal guidance to help you prove fault and get the restitution you deserve.

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